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Concept art is possibly my most common day-to-day art practice. Sketches are relatively fast and easy to create, they're a great way for me to process an idea and design a character, landscape, etc... 

ahltinor armour design 1.png

Ahltanoran Warrior Armour Design.

The Ahltinor are a race of elves from my original stories, they have a vast military and culture based around a worship of the sun, fire, and their own immense, prestigious wealth and history. 

Inspiration for their designs comes from historical armour, primarily Arabian, Ottoman, Russian, Samurai, and Gothic English. 

The anatomy of the Ahltinor is elongated; tall and thin, and has a distinct elegance. For this reason their armour is forged to be as thin and as tight-fitting as they can make it while still being practical. 

Aside from the metal plate they also wear flowing, silky fabrics, chain mail, and golden masks over their faces. All the foot soldiers/standard warriors have the same face on their mask.

ahltinor armour design.png

Helmet design concept for the two dragon rider elves who are part of the army. I thought the dragon crest would be fitting and further help to communicate who the wearer is. I love the idea of the armour being specialised for a rank or individual.

more obsiaian desert.png
obsidian desert concept _edited.jpg
ahltinor landscape_edited.jpg

Landscapes from The Tales of Middonmira.

The first three images here are concepts for the landscape of The Obsidian Desert, the homeland of the Drokhraran (dark elves). Its mostly volcanic and there are rich mineral deposits in the ground, with a majority being of obsidian.

The volcanic activity influences the atmosphere and causes a thick cloud/smog cover over the land, making the sun appear red. 

Here is the Ahltinor palaces. They favour building their structures on hillsides and mountains. As a culture that worships the sun they prefer to have dwellings that can clearly view both sunrise and sunset. 

This concept art is for a project I started back in 2019, and has since had its working title renamed to "Dragons of Gemstone Mountain". 

The project is a pilot script and test footage for a children's show I'd like to produce, involving real muppet-like dragon puppets and stage sets. 

concept art for crystal mountain 2.jpg
concept art for crystal mountain 3.jpg

One of my ideas for the show is to make different clans of dragons that live in and around the mountain, all with unique shapes, sizes, colours, etc...

My character Silas from The Tales of Middonmira. He's a "Cursed One", someone cursed by the god of chaos, Pravitas. Most Cursed Ones are different from one another, all become mutated in some way or another. Silas was cursed to become a large sphinx-like creature.


Originally I didn't give him wings, but I like how they added to his silhouette after trying them out, so they stuck.


He was particularly tricky to design- to keep the humanoid element to his biology while also making him appear like an animal. 

I had a few different animal inspirations when it came to designing him, wolves, foxes, eagles and owls.  

silas ooo.png
cursed fluffy boi.png
katya ooo.png

Katya is another Cursed One, similar to Silas. Except her curse turned her more feline than... whatever Silas is. 

I went through many designs with her too, struggling to find a version that I liked. I wanted to make her unnerving, realistic, monster-like, without taking away from her human element and appearance. 

I'm very interested in zoology, so I didn't want to just stick a pair of cat ears on a normal woman and call it a day with her. In the end, I'm really happy with this current design, it scares me a little, so I think I succeeded with my intentions. 

A storyboard I sketched out for my story about Khari, a Prince dragon rider who has to flee his kingdom at a time of war. 

invasion of kastwenya story board.png
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