Painted murals are a new thing for me, but have so far been something positively challenging and rewarding.

The process of commissioning a mural is easy and only takes a little time and effort to organise.

For example, the mural featured above for Cutting Edge Martial Arts started with a detailed description of the visuals and representation.

I then worked together with the client to perfect the sketch and final artwork, taking into consideration all the critiques and requests for the desired effect.

From there I was able to set up a projector and sketch the whole design onto the wall before painting it by hand.

The client was involved in viewing the work in progress, especially towards the end, so they could impart any desired changes, nuances or suggestions. 

If you are interested to commission a wall mural, please consider the following requirements:

  • I prefer to work locally, Logan City area. Other areas will attract travel fees in the quote.

  • Maximum sizes considered are approximately 6 metres wide, 3 metres tall.

  • Payments are divided into 3 parts. Design (concept art, sketches, interpretation and consultation via email or phone), Project Start, Project Completion. 

  • Project Start to Completion, maximum, 4 weeks. Design may take up to a week or more to refine before Project Start.

  • Each process requires payment up front before commencement. 

  • Area of work must be clear of possible hazards/mess/furniture. Wall preparation may attract an extra fee, but the client is welcome to prepare the surface themselves (cleaning and or undercoating).

  • Work cannot be carried out in our warmer months unless the area is very well ventilated/air conditioned/out of the sun.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a quote, exceptions to some of these requirements can be made depending on the kind of mural you're after. 

My wall murals are from $500 to $2000+, depending on the size and level of detail. 

If you are new to my art style, or need inspiration, please check out the rest of my featured artwork. It's easy to see that I specialise in anything magical/fantasy related, as well as characters and creatures. My style is defined by its contrast of cartoon-like and detailed expression.