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Makeup and special effects has been a big passion of mine that ignited my love for theatre and acting. I enjoy creating the makeup looks just as much as I enjoy acting, modeling and cosplaying. 

Many of my looks are original and/or inspired by books, tv and movies.

Meeting Richard Mueck was very inspiring for me, as he's worked on various films and tv as a sculptor, puppeteer and actor. Perhaps most well known as one of the alien performers from the Alien movies, and a puppeteer for Nim's Island and Where The Wild Things Are. The idea of being an actor in a creature costume has always been exciting and interesting to me, so it was intriguing to hear from a professional about what its like. 

I look forward to finding work in the film and tv industry, I had a chance back in early 2020 to be part of a production as a special effects makeup artist, but the project was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. I would love to gain some more experience in the industry. 

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