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My Current Projects

I'm working on quite a few projects that are not directly linked to my business, but are in fact my volunteer work for The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship - one of the globally recognized Australian Tolkien fan clubs, also a non-profit organization supporting the Pyjama Foundation charity for children in foster care.

I'm currently looking into taking up the role of President within the group which is very exciting, it's such a great community to discuss all things Tolkien, the literature, movies, songs, art and to meet great enthusiastic people.

My current projects for the group are: drawing A4 art prints to be sold at our Supanova Gold Coast convention booth, writing notes for a "Tolkien and the Mysterious" discussion presentation at the Logan North Library on the 23rd, and finally I'm making a Smaug the dragon puppet for a song and activity performance on the 31st at the Gaythorne Bowls Club.

The Library discussion especially interests me, as I will be reading some notes about the Maiar and the many forms they take within Tolkien's stories.

Aside from those projects, I have also created and am in the process of editing a new website for the group. Check it out here if you feel like it!


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