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My Current Situation

In this blog post I'm going to talk about how my business life is currently going. This subject is something I wonder a lot about with artists I follow through social media, as I am new to managing business and marketing and curious to how others go about it.

I hope that in writing this post will help my audience understand me as a business a little better.

To start things off... after a year of being 18, unemployed and job searching without success, I began a business course in December called the N.E.I.S. Program; it's a "start your own business" program. It's three weeks of training and then a whole year of financial assistance while you pursue your business idea and submit results on a monthly basis. It's exactly what I needed and is helping me out immensely, as finding funds to buy materials and pay for advertising was almost impossible beforehand.

So I'm in a reasonably good place. I am however struggling with marketing, making sales and becoming known online or within the local community and the stress of not making enough money by the middle of the year is weighing on my mind.

As I have stated in my about page and my projects page, I absolutely love what I do and being given the opportunity to run it as a business is one of the best things that's ever happened. But I'm worried that I will not be able to rely on it as my main source of income -or as a successful source of income.

The biggest goal with my business and my way of expressing myself is to bring others happiness, inspiration, and to help people experience my imagination and all my mystical dream creatures.

I'm moving into the future with the understanding of logical doubts but ultimately with strength and determination, because doing all this just feels right to me.


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