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Yes, I'm back on Patreon! I say "back" because technically I had a Patreon a while ago that I never got around to managing properly, but that all changes now due to my solid and flawless action plan.

For those who don't know what Patreon is: It's a website platform where people can support their favourite creators by donating a set amount of cash per month, and by doing this they get access to special content.

The special content can range from information, to photos and videos, to physical items and merchandise.

Here are some cute little icons I've made so far to go with my Tiers...

Tiers being the options for the way you want to donate!

I will soon have more options for higher priced Tiers, but for the time being I think these are reasonable and cool options for those who would like to financially support my work.

As you can see listed in the Tiers above, I will be posting on Patreon every Monday and within the first week of every month to provide special content for my Patrons. I'm really excited to get started with this and I hope you can take the time to support my on Patreon and receive all the cool rewards I'm cooking up 😊✨


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