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Charlotte Elizabeth-Rose Tibbs_NDY6696.jpg

I'm a freelance artist from SE QLD Australia, and I specialise in various mediums of art, working in clay sculpture, digital and traditional art, resin moulding, SFX makeup and costume.

I have a special place in my heart for fantasy, mythologies and folktales. I also enjoy many pop culture genres like sci-fi in television and film, anime, manga, western cartoons and comics.

Since I was a small child I've always loved artwork, expressing myself and sharing my creations. When I was eight I first started experimenting with mud clay from the garden, air dry clay, and polymer clay. My creations grew so numerous that my mother helped me get an Etsy shop up and running, we both did the photography, descriptions and packaging.Being home educated certainly supplied me with the extra precious time I needed to grow my skills, I was almost always making things out on my patio workbench, and even as a young kid I was figuring out what methods worked and which ones didn't, constantly problem-solving with so many projects on the go. I would customise store bought toys, make space ships for action figures, create miniatures for dollhouses- and create a large number of dragon characters who I would write stories for in the descriptions of my Etsy listings.


I did a year of community theatre in 2013 where I contributed to the marketing of the shows by illustrating posters (as well as acting in the productions). In 2015 I attend the "Make a Monster" workshop by Richard Mueck at the Gold Coast art gallery. And later in 2019 to 2020 I would be in contact with Tracey Reeby and given some experience and training in special effects makeup and prosthetics for film and television.


Aside from that experience I've also run my own workshops teaching sculpture and attended markets and pop culture conventions as a stallholder. It gives me a lot of joy to express myself artistically, to share and inspire others. 

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