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Commissions are always a treat and a challenge. I love bringing peoples ideas to life and creating something specifically for them. I offer a range of commission types; from icons and banners, character portraits, illustration and concept design, to sculpture and puppets. 

Smaug the Dragon Puppet, made for the former Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship President, Peter Kenny. 

LARP character portraits have been some of my most popular commissions. LARP stands for live action roleplay, I would play frequently at a few different groups around where I live. The communities are so welcoming and friendly, and I absolutely loved drawing portraits of people's individual characters and personas. 

Part of the process is sketching concepts and sending them to my contact to inquire about any changes that need to be done, and get their approval to move forward and finish the piece.

The experience of commissioning a portrait should feel customisable I think, and while I have my own artistic liberties with the artwork I want to make sure the client is totally satisfied and happy with their portrait- especially if it's going to be framed and hung on a wall.

Often times there might be an item of clothing, or an accessory with detail that is important for the character that I unknowingly left out in the sketch phase.

If that happens I'll usually make sure to receive a clear reference and include the extra details for the finished version.

Wall mural for Cutting Edge Martial Arts. Created with digital concept art, a projector, and acrylic paints. 

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