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Charlie Tibbs is a magical creature artist, illustrator and sculptor, dreamer and storywriter based in SE QLD Australia. Her works are influenced and inspired by old fairytales and folklore, as well as many genres of modern media. Her passions revolve around storytelling and expressing the importance of creativity and imagination.
Her goal is to inspire an
d teach, express her vision of the world through the lens of magic- to break through the mundane and see the fantastical where it exists. 


2010 to present- Operates independent business via Etsy

2011-2014- Independent workshop host for beginner sculptors, sculpting dragons in FIMO polymer clay

2013- Face painter and performance artist at Fairies On The Walk, Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mountain

2013-2014- Host of the Beenleigh Illustrator's Club

2015- Attended Richard Mueck's 'How to Make a Monster: The Art and Technology of Animatronics' workshop at the Gold Coast Art Gallery

2017- Performance artist in full SFX makeup & costume for Amethyst Healing House at Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mountain

2018 to present- Established The Art of CERTibbs / ArtnChaos ABN 18750456941

2020- Work Experience applying SFX makeup for an independent film production studio on the Gold Coast

2021- Completed large hand painted wall mural commission for Cutting Edge Martial Arts dojo

2023- Contract work as workshop assistant for JMB FX Studio


Charlotte Elizabeth-Rose Tibbs_NDY6696.jpg

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