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This green dragon is my largest solid sculpture. It was made from armature wire, foil, paper tape and Super Sculpey polymer clay. The base is wood and was bolted with a screw that I could wrap the armature around, making sure that the structure was stable and solid. 

This project was such an experiment for me, to test just how big I could go and how much detail I could add. It was also the first sculpture made from polymer clay that I fully painted with acrylics. Before this I was used to mixing colours in clay and using mica powder pigments.

The scales you can see over the body were made using a tool I created for the project. I made indentations on a circular lump of clay and baked it, once baked I could roll it over fresh clay and it would leave the impressions- like a texture stamp. 

This sculpture sold in 2021 to one of my amazing followers on TikTok, who had been following its video progress.

This dragon was more of an art doll, with a wire skeleton, padded body wrapped in fabric and painted in acrylics. Two kinds of wire were used for the armature, and duct tape to secure the joints.

It sold about 3 days after its creation, at one of my market stalls in 2021. It was bought by a previous local customer of mine, who now has a small collection of my art dolls. 

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