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Tamborine Markets and other updates

Wow, so much has been happening recently that I find it hard to get the time to sit down and write blog posts.

Last month I attended my first Mt Tamborine Country Markets as a stallholder, it was a fun experience that I learned a lot from and I'm very eager to return there next Sunday for the October market. I found it really great to share my art works with people who responded to them with so much kindness and support... and it sounds incredible but I found myself making contacts with some awesome people who could help me with gaining some experience in the film and television industry- which is more than I could have asked for on a quiet day up on the mountain due to the fire warnings.

My focus now is centered on expanding my own experience in sculpture, by making larger and more ambitious projects like puppets, large decor pieces and costumes/SFX.

Regardless of that I will carry on with my smaller items as well, as they never cease to be something I enjoy creating. And in terms of running a market stall on a monthly basis, it really works to have smaller and affordable items available. I'm currently working on a reliable pattern for felt dragon finger puppets, sized for both adults and children that I think will be a popular item on my stall, since they would be soft, not easy to break, affordable and cute for children to play with.

In other news I had a Library display on for the whole of September... like doing the market stall it was a new and interesting thing to do and learn from, and the response I earned from it was extremely rewarding. It made me think about what I could add for my next display.

My YouTube channel is lacking new content right now, to be completely honest I've been lacking motivation to create videos due to my efforts being directed elsewhere. I fully intend to create some new videos soon however, specifically an update video of myself talking about all my thoughts and ideas for the channel moving forward. So keep an eye out for that! I also plan to post some more speed-draws of character drawings/character portraits, as those kind of things are my strengths compared to painting backgrounds.

I've also updated my Portfolio on the website and I'm continuing to edit and add more content to each section, as it is split for easier browsing into: Concept Art, Commission Art, Sculpture and Creating Creatures, and Costume and Makeup SFX.

Please do go and check it out because I'd appreciate any and all feedback on what you'd like to see added or expanded on, feel free to comment on this post to let me know your thoughts.

I want to let any and all of my followers on here know just how much I appreciate you. One of the only reasons I post things on the internet is to inspire my audience and interact with them, feedback motivates me incredibly well.

Thankyou for your time 💗✨


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